Twigs and Honey Bridal Headpieces.

When I was at Style Me Pretty earlier today, I almost jumped off my chair. These work of art are combination of the legendary Elizabeth Messina and the amazing Myra Kim of Twigs and Honey. Perfection! If I could dream up the most perfect bridal headpiece, these would probably be it. I just love, love them.



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Some more love.

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 | Add a Comment

Ellie of Mint Design made my day by posting one of our works, Jessica & Jeff’s wedding invitation, amongst all the other awesome design works. Oh my! Thank you so much Ellie! Everybody, please visit Mint and throw her some love!


On another note related to that particular invitation, Jessica and Jeff will tie the knot this coming weekend. I’m so excited for them! Throughout their wedding planning process, we have grown to become really good friends. They are truly a great, inspiring client. It’s such a BUMMER that we won’t be able to attend their wedding. I was so excited to witness their vintage rustic affair. Unexpected things came up at the last minute and in the end, we won’t we able to make it :( However, we are so, so excited to see everything we’ve designed for them and to see their wedding vision to come in reality through the lense of Josh McCullock! Wishing them a beginning of a great marriage and a lifetime of happiness.

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Above & Beyond: Jessica Claire Wedding Invitation

Thursday, September 17th, 2009 | Add a Comment

Everyone in the wedding blogosphere knows that Jessica Claire is soon to be married. Her blog have been flooded with love and admiration towards this invitation, and I really don’t want to post something that you’ve seen a million times previously. However, this invitation is just so inspiring I just have to post it. Just for the sake of it :) This Save The Date & the invitation altogether is so beyond gorgeous and charming, and could easily be one of my most favorite invitations ever. As a result, I have another category to put this in. Above & Beyond category will feature very few design works that I think is my all-time most favorite.

(Taken from Jessica’s blog post)
The (Save The Date) is in four pieces, and each one is handmade out of letterpressed tags or stitched muslin. Each one has an antique key attached to the ribbon–every key is different. As the wedding has locks and keys all throughout, (Jessica & Jeff) wanted to bring that in as early as the save the date.



And then there’s the invitation. The invitation is packaged in HOLLOWED OUT BOOKS!

(Taken from Jessica’s blog post)

In keeping with (the) theme, (the) wedding invitation hides away, tucked safely inside a hollowed out book. Each one is completely different–each book was lovingly bought from an old bookstore and chosen for it’s particular color cover, title, thickness, or inside pattern. A steel grey grosgrain ribbon holds the invitation in and is sealed with a copper wax seal with a photo of a lock. On the invitation itself which lays in the hollow, a single, antique button is affixed to each invitation. Every one is incredibly detailed and different and took many HOURS of scouring eBay.


{Source} {Invitation Designer}

The whole thing is so amazing that I went speechless. Love, love, love!

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The husband and I are very thrifty. Or cheap. And I’m not ashamed of it :) We love watching movies but we always wait until the movies appear on the dollar cinema. No worries, you can laugh ;) We pay $2 for movies on the weekend, or even 75¢ every Tuesday :) It’s not hard to wait most of the times, but when it comes to Pixar movies, it’s hard for me. I’m a HUGE fan of Pixar movies and I was so itching to watch Up that was launched May 29th. Man, that’s such a long time ago, so clearly, I am so incredibly late to be writing this post. Just as the proverb says, better late than never ;)


So, I finally watched Up last week. Even though it’s Pixar, I tried not to have any expectation about the story. All I knew was that this grumpy old Carl guy tied millions of balloons to his house to make it fly. So, when I watched it, I was so blown away, touched, and inspired in many ways.

First of all, i just LOVE looking at the millions of colorful balloons up in the sky. And then there’s that cute vintage looking house of Carl & Ellie. The whole house is just so darling! The wall colors, the decoration, the “Paradise Falls” painting, the mailbox… Everything just made me smile. Delightful.

Love the story, love the graphics, love Carl, Ellie, Russell, and Dug. And the balloons :) It’s totally worth the wait.




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Wedding Wednesday: Keri & Jeremiah

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009 | Add a Comment

This week’s Wedding Wednesday is probably nothing you’ve seen before. I always love weddings that is out of the box and a bride who is not afraid of something edgy and unique. The wedding of Keri & Jeremiah surely could be described that way! This wedding was held in Texas and happened last year’s Fall season, shot by the amazing Agung Fauzi from Seize The Day Photography, who also shot my very own wedding.

I’m so amazed at the couple’s eclectic and unique taste. There is edginess, casualness, stylishness, with a bit of rustic touch.



Here is a bit from Keri:
I did my own flowers, and I put all the fabric together for my dress, but had an amazing seamstress that sewed it all together like that. The actual dress I bought at Bliss Bridal and I think it was “technically” a bridesmaids dress. In the middle it had a big applique of sparkly beads and diamonds (so not me) so I just took that off!

How cool are the bridesmaid’s outfits? Where else would you get to wear jeans as a bridesmaid? And the bouquet is just so, so charming and cool. The flowers are wrapped with a fabric with musical notes pattern, since the couple are a big music fan. In fact, Jeremiah proposed Keri with a song that he composed himself. Oh, and also, the camera seems to LOVE capturing the bride, don’t you think? She looks like a photo model!



I adore the flower girl’s pillow and the outfits.



The super crafty bride, Keri, is now a photographer and also a floral designer. Check out her website, photography blog, and floral design blog to see her works.

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A Little Something for the Niece.

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009 | Add a Comment

Last weekend, the husband and I went to Oklahoma for our niece’s birthday. We have two nieces and we have bought a present for the birthday girl but we wanted to also give a little something for the other sister so she doesn’t get jealous of all her sister’s birthday attentions :) So… I made a little something for her.


I have the plastic headband in stock and I picked the ribbon color to wrap it out of my wedding ribbon leftovers. The green tulle was also a wedding leftover and I bought the pearl on eBay and had them for a while. So last week, I just had to purchase the matching fabric for the flower petals.

We went to Philbrook Museum for the MyMuseum Family Day where kids will receive art activity cards, an art supply, and an art kit toolbox to put everything in. My sister put on my cutie niece a pretty blue dress that match perfectly to the headband. I love it on her!



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National Flags out of Food.

Monday, September 14th, 2009 | Add a Comment
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Design and food are my two passion in life, and so when they are combined, it becomes this all-amazing piece! Kind of reminds me of those Japanese bento art, yes? :)



Happy Monday, you!

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TGIF. Seriously.

Friday, September 11th, 2009 | 2 Comments

It’s such a gloomy and rainy Friday here in Dallas, but the mood in my house is the other way around. I’m so thankful that today the wonderful Nole from Oh So Beautiful Paper featured our invitation on her blog. This is the first time I’ve ever been featured in anything, so I’m pretty excited and I feel so honored! Thank you Nole!

Head over to Oh So Beautiful Paper to see the full post, and also to enter her AMAZING blog anniversary giveaways which has been going on all week.


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Animals and Birds by Amy Ruppel.

Friday, September 11th, 2009 | Add a Comment

I have a major illustrator crush on Amy Ruppel. Yesterday, I posted about the Dunny Series 2009 and she’s one of the designer. Her dunny is probably my favorite out of the bunch. She was also the illustrator behind Target’s awesome Holiday Campaign in 2007. Now you’ll go “Aha! I remember that!”

She has these cool painting/illustration of state animals and state birds up for purchase at her website. I think these are so, so cool. I really like the fact that this is mix media. She mentioned on her website that her main medium is computer illustrated drawings printed onto paper that is then layered into beeswax. On these state animal & bird paintings, I think she also did oils on wood along with the paper & wax. So amazing!!!

Can you guess what state animals are these?



TOP: Alaska, Virginia
MIDDLE: Maryland, Delaware
BOTTOM: Utah, Louisiana.

What about these lovely state birds?



TOP: Colorado, Hawaii
BOTTOM: Washington, Maryland

Those paintings would look so great hanging on someone’s wall. Love it.

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Dunny Series 2009.

Thursday, September 10th, 2009 | 1 Comment

Have I ever told you that I love to collect toys? The Kidrobot Dunny Series 2009 is on sale! Look at this group of awesomeness. The one by Amy Ruppel and Supakitch are probably my favorite. As always Devilrobots and Huckgee’s designs are so awesome, too.





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