ikea’s homemade is best.

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010 | 4 Comments

I was helping a friend the other day styling a food photography session, but what we did is just so different with what Evelina Bratell did with the food photography for IKEA’s baking book “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade is Best)! When I saw these I was blown away. She is a genius. These are phenomenal! I think I’d love to own the book even though I wouldn’t understand a word! All of the recipes are Swedish desserts.

Pepparkakor – Ginger Thins

Mandelmusslor – Almond Shell

Vaniljhorn – Vanilla Horn cookies

Prinsesstårta – Princess Cake

Schwartzwaldtårta – Blackforest Cake

Lingon Peparkaka - Lingon Berries Cookies

{photography by Carl Kleiner | styling by Evelina Bratell | found via all the mountains}

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4 Responses to “ikea’s homemade is best.”

  1. Ivana, your blog is looking beautiful! So glad to see you are blogging again!
    :) Anna


    Ivana Brata Reply:

    Thank you Anna!


  2. Jeanelle says:

    love, love, love your blog makeover, super adorable Ivana :) I so want that hot air balloon now as a print poster, way cool :)


    Ivana Brata Reply:

    You’re reading my mind! The hot air balloon is originally a printmaking project I did last semester :)


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