Adventure in the Big D: The Sweet Part

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009 | 1 Comment

As I mentioned on earlier post, I had to entertain a friend while she was in town visiting me last week. We both LOVE dessert, chocolate, and basically anything sweet… just as portrayed on Love Ardently’s 2010 Calendar! *wink* So anyway, I took her to lots and lots of bakery and pastry shop… every single day. Here are some of the sweets we tried :)

The famous Sprinkles cupcake from Beverly Hills. I tried their Red Velvet and my friend tried their Chocolate Marshmallow. I would say both are just okay. Not as awesome as what I heard through words of mouth, but it’s not bad either. I thought the cupcake could be more moist. The Red Velvet is quite tasty, but I thought the cream cheese in the frosting could be more apparent. I love their wooden utensils :)





And then, there is Asian Mint. I love their Green Tea Layer cake and their Jasmine Crème Brûlée from the very first bite. Yum. The creamy frosting on the green tea cake was just right. The hint of jasmine smell on the crème brûlée was what really had me on the start. I really love it with the strawberry, too.



My friend loves fruit tart, so I got to take her to La Madeleine, a country French cafe, which is pretty rare to find in Oklahoma (shocker?). I haven’t tasted a lot of fruit tart, but I think La Madeleine’s fruit tart is just so, so divine. The fruits are ALWAYS fresh and taste great. We also tried their Chocolate Almond croissant which was delicious, too.



A while ago, I blogged about Tart Pastry on my first visit there. This is my second visit and it looked just as adorable. This time, I’m not loving my french macaron that much, though. I really, really like it when I had it on my first visit, but this time, I could almost taste that it was just coming out of the refrigerator. The triple layer chocolate cake that we had was good. Very creamy and delightful.